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Jason embraces multiple mediums for the express purpose of producing work for audience engagement with brands.

Named as one of "Canada's most influential innovators in the diverse field of media innovation' through a global collaborative initiative, Chesebrough develops work in a cross-disciplinary manner in all creative disciplines, conceptional through executional.

For Chesebrough "It's about craftsmanship; something I feel the industry overlooks. I'm constantly refining personal process and approach, and want my work to inspire, innovate and push.  I apply alternate perspectives throughout the project, whether it's leading a new business pitch or creating solutions that have a business impact for clients, and emotional impact for the audience".



Creative / Craftsman

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An Approach.


This isn't about takeout menu style design offerings. And it needs to be about more than PhotoShop, After Effects or Flash. Design, motion, static, digital, print, experiential, mobile... these are tactical channels and production executions, but are only successful when founded in something.

I've spent over 40 years trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.  Have decided now, I'm not going to grow up.  For decades I've been paid to play with colours and shapes and get people excited about things that get me stoked.  That takes a lot of inspiration, and inspiration for me comes from more than a website, magazine ad or gallery tour.  

I spend the majority of my time surrounded by nature, and have realized that doing my job means not working.  It means playing, discovering, questioning, thinking, not thinking, being, sketching, doodling - and then somewhere along the line I realize there's an idea - and I can annunciate a strategy that organically becomes apparent, visually.

So I simply refer to myself as a "Creative" now - and not as a label.  This isn't work, it just is. That point of view allows me to focus on craftsmanship, communicating the ask and need, playing and delivering. Which strangely has brought me back to where I was decades ago with a box of crayons and some tunes on.  And the perspective allows me to really focus on the thing that we've all sat around in agencies for years talking about, but rarely actually able to achieve; focusing only on "the work."

 Except it isn't.